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What is a Terrarium?

What is a Terrarium?

A terrarium  is a microcosmic ecosystem in itself. We profess the making of beautiful miniature gardens and sceneries in glass enclosures. Terrariums are probably the most unique and practical way of having indoor plants in modern times. Apart from being stunningly beautiful and fresh they are zero maintenance. They are also made in almost all sizes, be it as small as a locket hanging around your neck or as big as you can imagine. So no one is disappointed or can complain about not having enough space in their homes to keep at least one of these. The possibilities of how you can decorate you homes with terrariums are almost endless. Being an exclusive art form, using green living components is just the added attraction to them.

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                                                             Process of making a terrarium:

It basically starts with a glass enclosure of any size and shape. Our plants are all specially handpicked to suit each individual design. Every single terrarium is unique in itself. We can safely and proudly say that you won’t find any duplicates of our terrariums anywhere in India. A lot of study goes on into making every single terrarium, from the mix of soil itself to every stone and plant we put in. The plants also have to be exclusively handpicked to be suitable for the environment that is to be created in the terrarium. We have closed and open varieties of terrariums.


Care of a terrarium:

The closed terras are sealed at the opening after they are made and we maintain it to a certain point of balance. After that there is absolutely no need ever to mist it at all. It becomes like a tiny universe in itself. The plants photosynthesize and with the help of the indirect sunlight and moisture already available to them, grow to their lush glory.  So to put it in a nutshell, you don’t have to take care of them at all.

An open terrarium is the one which we do not seal according to the plants and design of the landscape. They require misting every 3-4 weeks depending on the season. If it’s too hot outside then the misting has to be spaced appropriately. The misting is not more than 4 to 5 sprays of water through a spray can.  Terrariums however do not like to be moved constantly. So we have to avoid moving them too much because they adapt themselves to the outside temperature of the area they are placed in. In case of sudden change in the outside temperature the terra looks foggy, but as its balances the temperature according to the outside, it starts to clear again. Even the foggy terra looks beautiful though, like a miniature rainforest!!!