A terrarium is a microcosmic ecosystem in itself. We profess the making of beautiful miniature gardens and sceneries in glass enclosures. Terrariums are probably the most unique and practical way of having indoor plants in modern times. Apart from being stunningly beautiful and fresh, they are zero maintenance.terrarium basic workshop

They are also made in almost all sizes, be it as small as a locket hanging around your neck or as big as you can imagine. So no one is disappointed or can complain about not having enough space in their homes to keep at least one of these. The possibilities of how you can decorate you homes with terrariums are almost endless. Being an exclusive art form, using green living components is just the added attraction to them.

Our workshop will mainly provide you with the knowledge to make a basic terrarium. The further improvisations that can be done with this knowledge are infinite in lieu of your creativity.

It basically starts with a glass enclosure of any size and shape. Our plants are all specially handpicked to suit each individual design. Every single terrarium is unique in itself. We can safely and proudly say that you won’t find any duplicates of our terrariums anywhere in India. A lot of study goes on into making every single terrarium, from the mix of soil itself to every stone and plant we put in. The plants also have to be exclusively handpicked to be suitable for the environment that is to be created in the terrarium. We have closed and open varieties of terrariums.
 Workshop format:
– Introduction to CoppeR BrainS and our
– Introduction to Terrariums
– History of Terrarium and its development
as an art form
– Classification of terrariums (hands-on
session of Open terrarium)
– Instruments and materials for a
DIY Terrarium
– Step-by-step instructions of terrarium                                                                                                             making
– Tips on care and maintenance of the                                                                                                                terrarium

Workshop includes:
– Comprehensive hands-on training to make your own terrarium
– Make Your Own Kit worth Rs.800 for FREE
– You get to take away your terrarium worth Rs.1100.

 Terrarium Basics Workshop fees: Rs. 2000 per head



The workshop teaches you the make the ancient form of a dream catcher using the most 1891248_642111345861769_1940313385_nearthy elements available to us today. Learn how to make the delicate intricate weave that is the heart and soul of a dream catcher. In your favorite colors and combinations.

Workshop includes:
– Hoops to make the skeleton
– Binding threads
– Weaving threads
– Coloured feathers
– Trinkets

Duration of the workshop:  2 hours approx

Fees inclusive of material: Rs. 1200


Black and Grey Portrait art is a form of fine art to capture the facial features and expressions of a given subject with the help of light and shadows.Copper Brains__1

Materials provided:

  • Sketching paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Eraser

Time frame: 3 hours

Workshop fees: Rs. 1500 per participant.

What does the workshop cover?
The basic portrait workshop will teach you the initial few steps of rendering the form of the subject, starting with the basic knowledge of composing the portrait, scaling it to the desired size, ruling the page and drawing the sketch.
Drawing the sketch will include the basic outline form, highlights and shadows, 3 tones and gray scales.



Here we will continue with our earlier rendered subject. Moving ahead from where we left we will continue to the detailed skills and techniques of making our portrait life like. It will include the advanced steps of working on plates, establishing the point of focus, 6 tone shading, detailed evaluation of ratio and proportion and finally a complete study of textures.

We will be learning here the tricks and techniques of merging media and developing tone to our portraits and a further knowledge of experimenting with the art form.

Time frame: 4 to 5 hours

Workshop fee: Rs. 2,500 per participant




Cartography is the study and practice of making maps. Combining science, aesthetics, and technique, cartography can be made into an exhilarating art form which not only aids the creative skills of the young minds but also educates and orients them with the basic science of Geography. MAP

The crafty styles of making a map render it an interesting subject to try. We at Copper Brains would like to make this fun and derive the most aesthetic value out of it as we can. To start up let us consider 2 fairly simple but perceptively amazing styles.
1) Old aged maps/ Fantasy maps
2) 3D maps.

Workshops will be divided into two.

a) Old age maps/ Fantasy maps
* Fees – Rs. 500 per participant
* Age limit – 8 years and above
* Includes – Hands on parchment making and map designing Including the
material and a takeaway souvenir.


b) 3D mapsCopper Gallery2

* Fees – Rs. 800 per participant
* Age limit – 10 years and above
* Includes – Hands on map making procedure including the material and a takeaway map.




This workshop will include a full hands-on course on painting ceramic pots. Right from the base coats to designing with the most creative media will complete this workshop.Copper Brains_home1

Apart from having beautiful gardens within these, they make for good personalized gifts.

Time frame: 2-3 hours

Workshop fee: Rs. 500

Materials included:
– Ceramic pot
– Paints
– Brushes

Age limit: 8 years and above.